Project Management

Our PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM (PMT) provides day to day management-level guidance

for collaborative planning, design, and construction of the project to achieve the project objective.

FloatOcean’s team of seasoned specialists provides specialty services and numerous expert analyses to ensure overall project execution by verifying design quality, identifying and assessing risks, and ensuring overall project execution.
We leverage internationally recognized project management frameworks and processes as part of our quality management system for the management and control of all our projects in engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning.

We believe in analyzing risk factors in projects and maintaining preventive supervision. Our experts thoroughly review budget and time schedules, designs, specifications, bids, project contracts, work arrangements, etc. before the project initiation.

The PMT is responsible for all project progress and for developing benchmarks, metrics, or standards for evaluating the project progress. PMT is also responsible for organizing Project Implementation Teams (PITs), small groups assembled to focus on specific project elements and tasks, and managing these teams.

Our Project Management Team performs

Facilities survey
Compiling / updating reference documents
Preparation of project execution plan
Developing an overall schedule of the project (L1 to L3 / Macro)
Identifying the critical path for the project
Highlighting critical project activities
Tracking the schedule to estimate the Lead / Lag time and project completion date
Preparing PMS (Progress Measurement System) for the project
Preparing progress report and S curves for monitoring the status of project
Preparing Manpower Histogram for monitoring the status of project
Project risk assessment and mitigation
HSE & Quality Plans
Interface Management
Following up with the Execution team for module fabrication and vendors for equipment / packages fabrication completion status and progress
Following with the Vendors for the timely deliverable
Maintaining the project related documents status
Coordinate among various engineering disciplines
Preparation and updating of Master Deliverables Register. Tracking the progress and facilitate and support to complete the activities as per schedule
Maintaining and follow-up for engineering hold-up lists
Coordinate for Project Review meetings and maintain MOMs and follow-up to complete action items
Maintain Design Change Notes
Project controls
Contract administration
Procurement assistance
Facility handover documentation