Process Safety & Risk Assessment

FloatOcean has over the years consistently added to the bottom line of its clients in the form of accrued savings

through its Technical Safety services in improving reliability and reducing product loss.

Health and safety is at the top most priority at all our Engineering Centers and remains at the heart of all our services. FloatOcean’s commitment to Health and Safety means we are always striving to achieve the safest surroundings possible and in order to realize our goal of Zero Occurrences.

We set up each project for success in terms of safety through training and preparation along with a dedicated focus. FloatOcean’s Safety experts collaborate with our vendor partners and EPC Contractors to ensure that our safety first culture is adhered at each job project site. It is inconceivable for us to consider any alternative scenario.

In addition to Basic and Detailed Engineering Services, FloaOcean engages a team of experts for performing a range of Safety Studies.

Offshore Quantitative Risk Assessment
Ship Collision Study
Emergency Offshore Evacuation Rescue Analysis
Emergency Systems Survivability Analysis
Dropped Object Study
Escape Evacuation Rescue Analysis [ EERA ]
Fire & Risk assessment [ FERA ]
Quantitative Risk Assessment [ QRA ]
Flare Radiation & Dispersion Studies
Project HSE Review
Process Hazard Review
Bow Tie Analysis
Smoke & Toxic Gas Dispersion Analysis
Safety Integrity Level [ SIL ]
Hazard Identification [ HAZID ]
Hazard & Operability [ HAZOP ]
Hazard Identification & Risk Assesment [ HIRA ]
SIMOPS Studies
Fire & Gas Mapping
Fire safety Audit
Adequacy Study for Fire Fighting System
Passive Fire Protection Studies
Fire Risk Assessment Analysis
Building Risk Assessment
Human Factors Engineering
Health Risk Assessment
Occupational Health Identification
Pre Start Up Safety Review
Value Engineering Studies
Smoke & Gas ingress Analysis [ SGIA ]
Traffic Impact Assessment
Environmental Risk Assessment
Telemetry Risk Assessment