Integrated provider of intelligent technical services while decarbonizing the value chain.

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FloatOcean is a provider of Engineering and Project Management Services

We support, transform and manage clients engineering operations across Marine, Offshore and the Renewable Energy sector.
We believe that our commitment to consistently provide our clients with reliable engineering solutions will drive our organization to reach greater heights.

FloatOcean AS is a part of Astra Group Holdings of India. Astra Group of Companies engages a team of over 1700 Engineers and has considerable experience of over 2 decades in design, engineering, project management of Oil & Gas facilities, Ports and Harbours, waste to energy, embedded systems, Industrial Engineering, Hydrophonics, Clean Energy and decarbonization initiatives.

At, FloatOcean, our business objectives and vision are strategically aligned – To empower our clients with enhanced market competitiveness and profitability by providing best in class value added remote engineering services from low cost base economies that plays a distinctive role in the success of our clients path to globalization.

Established in 2009, FloatOcean ( formerly known as CadEx AS ) has been helping clients in the Oil & Energy sector since last 14 years to enhance competitiveness in their marketplace by implementing a structured remote engineering strategy.

At FloatOcean, engineering and outsourcing is a domain best served by us and this is exactly what we specialize in. We play to our strengths – Exceptional focus to details, timebound performance and always driven to make our clients projects a success.

With offshore delivery teams in India at Bangalore and Chennai, FloatOcean provides world class round the clock engineering services that keeps our clients engineering tasks moving.
FloatOcean works with its clients to keep them in the forefront of their market by increasing day to day engineering efficiencies while maintaining world class quality. Our team can help you maximize the value of your assets, while reducing your potential risk exposure and ensuring your engineering and construction is completed within time and budget. All of this enables you to realize long term sustainable improvements in your business.
As a technology-neutral business we offer realistic technical advice for our clients. Our track record encompasses various types of projects, onshore, offshore, fixed and floaters, subsea and mooring.

Our Technical advisory services ensures that your chosen technology helps you to cope up with the changing times and as well as achieve sustainable performance.

Your priorities are our priorities.